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The Community Entrepreneur - Transforming Vision into results

For over 10 years, The Community Entrepreneur has been supporting entrepreneurial organisations and the people in them, to get to where they want to be, and make an impact for their community. 

Using this experience, we motivate and support  innovators to step up, think outside the box and change the world, community by community. 

When you are ready to start or to go to the next level, this website contains advice and solutions to assist you on your journey.

Programs and Services

Strategic and Business Planning

Everything starts with an idea that then becomes a plan. So our services range from a DIY Strategic Planning Tool kit, to partnership development and done with/for you services, so that you can confidently plan and implement strategies to increase your level of success.

Grants and Tenders

Are you looking for a training program, coaching or simply wanting somebody to write grants and tender submissions for you? If so, check out these resources that we have developed to suit your needs, as well as free your time to get on with jobs you enjoy doing and not deal with the stress of putting applications together.

Training and Mentoring

Explore ourf face-to-face, online and downloadable resources and events that will give you the skills required to manage your organisation and projects, as and how you learn best. This is also where you will find our Entrepreneurial Thinking Mentoring Program that we have designed to sharpen your focus, hone your skills and create clarity around your mindset.


We have done-for-you services to support you through consultation, collaboration and change, which keep you, your team and community partners focused on the desired result.

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Thinking outside the box - let’s get creative

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How a good strategic plan can improve your credibility and increase your revenue

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I was overwhelmed with how comprehensive our findings were based on current government statistics relating to crime in NSW. I’ve always known that providing alternative positive pathways and opportunities for young people exiting the justice system, was really important, but to see my passion for setting programs up for young offender, backed up by statistics,…

Brooke Williams

“Pat and her staff have been an invaluable resource for our committee. Their energy and commitment have guided our committee over the last few years. We have been able to refer to them for advice. Although we have faced some challenges, we have been able to depend on their support and expertise to guide us…

Jill Graham

“Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre (PMNC) has engaged Pat on a variety of projects over the past 12 months and have been very pleased with her work. Pat has been engaged to develop the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre 2015 -2018 strategic plan and also a smaller action plan for our disability arts program. Through the development…

Kate Kelly

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