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Social Media Strategy

Even though social media has been with us for some time now, we still get businesses telling us that they won’t use social media for a variety of reasons including “it’s an invasion of privacy” and “we’ve tried it but it was a waste of time”.  These same business owners are facing declining customer bases.  They are asking why methods such as newspaper inserts and listings in directories are not working.  Some don’t even have effective websites (if at all), even in today’s economy.

Here Is some data that should make them think differently.

  1. It can take a minimum of six touch points before a prospective customer buys. There is so much choice out there, how do you make sure you’re in front of them when they are looking – not just once, but in at least six places?
  2. Of 7.2 bn humans on the planet, 3.5 bn use the internet. Closer to home, 86% of households have access to the internet in Australia.  88% of people are active internet users in Australia and 79% access the internet daily.
  3. 7 bn people on the planet use social networks from mobile devices – is your business mobile friendly?
  4. Out of 23 million people in Australia, 15 million are Facebook uses – that’s 69.5% of the population (more if we take young children out of the equation). Ina survey by Deloitte, 92% of people who use social media use Facebook.  Why wouldn’t a business consider using Facebook marketing strategies to attract and nurture new customers?
  5. According to Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2016:
    5m people use YouTube
    5.45m people use WordPress
    3m people use Instagram
    4.2m people use Tumblr
    3.4m people use LinkedIn
    2.8m people use Twitter
    2m people use Snapchat
    (and the list goes on)
    It’s not just about Facebook – how can your business benefit from across the social media platform (eg YouTube videos are a great way to present your business)?
  6. Whilst word of mouth is still the primary influencer on purchase decisions (75%) identifying recommendations from friends, family and acquaintances as having a high or medium influence on their buying decisions, online reviews or recommendations from someone within the individual’s social media circle is the second highest influencer on buying decisions at 58%. Social media is the online equivalent of “word of mouth”.  We all know what can happen if your business gets a few bad reviews online.
  7. In 2016, 48% of small businesses have a social media presence, of which only 20% use paid advertising. For medium businesses, this figure is 54% and 27% respectively, whilst whopping 79% of large businesses have a social media presence – 61% of which pay for social media advertising.  What does this tell us?

We are committed to helping businesses in North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales grow.  A viable business community is important for the long-term sustainability of our local communities.

We work with businesses to develop your online presence to capture more leads and convert into more sales.  Our services include:

  • Marketing Health Check
    We will carry out an online audit of your promotional materials, website and social media and will follow up with a conversation about strategies to improve your message and engagement. We will follow up with a report / checklist that you can use to choose which improvements you make and when.
  • Website Development / advice
    Not got a website? When you are looking for a service, what do you do?  I bet most people will say – Google it or look online.  Instinctively people look at the websites of service providers, so if you’re not visible, how much potential business are you likely to be handing over to competitors?  Talk to us about putting together a website for your business?
    Got a website but not sure if it’s working for you?  Following the Marketing Health Check, we can work with you to analyse your customer base and refocus your website message and strategy to reach and convert more clients.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Facebook is probably the strongest marketing tool on the planet. It can target right to the avatar of your ideal customer anywhere in the world.  So, what are you afraid of?  We will show you how to use Facebook and other social media platforms to get your products and services in front of your customers.  If you’re a small business, a good campaign puts you ahead of the 90% that don’t use paid social media.
  • Marketing Strategy
    How about putting all these together, adding customer analysis and using these to review your marketing strategy. Your customers are not just online.  Find out where they are hiding and how you can increase your visibility, credibility and offering so that they become your customers.

Contact us on 03 9005 5889,, to discuss your marketing needs.

Pat and Karen

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